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Tidy and smooth off 

Kevin operates Blechdom Multitasking: Within a short time she has composed an opera, a musical revue and a new Soloabum: “Gentlemania”. BY SEBASTIAN Reier 
  “Feminism is, from their own lives to do something.” That it has the Blechdom.
“There is nothing I hate more than a silent woman, behind her good looks and her friend hide the talking leaves. Even if she still looks so hot – does not matter to me.” 
Talk with Kevin Blechdom about feminism, then, the U.S. musician straight to the point: “Feminism has invested time and energy, curious, curiosity, learning and development. It is a question of your own life to do something.” And that the artist lives be present. For some years attracts Kristin Erickson under the male pseudonym Kevin Blechdom around the globe. With laptops and banjo and a stunning voice! Your body is so pervasive that it could be the statics of music clubs in order to test. 

From hysteria driven musicality and performances are Blechdom trademark. A nightly spending, between the Country & Western Honkytonk, electroacoustic experiments, and Polka Power Ballad lived. Rare close the mouths of the audience. And if they do not travel, then invents Kevin Blechdom just instruments like the Jaw Harp, a cross between a drum and bottle mouth. Last year she brought her first opera to the stage and introduced the entire recording into the net. The topic? Tricky! Child abuse. More precisely: the prosecution and conviction of a teacher who wrongly accused of pedophilia is. Confusion, challenge, rethink, circulate contexts – that begins with their music and listen to the artist’s name is not on. As this would not be enough, programmed Blechdom websites, draws cartoons and graduated versaute this most prestigious Mills College in California, the class composition of the English free jazz guitarist Fred Frith. 
Now is “Gentlemania appeared, their third and best album so far. “I wanted to make an album that my mother understands. And they can be proud of,” says the artist. And it sounds like what? Quiet and tidy, and certainly not over-elated – but the indecision lurks again: in detail. “Its a piano record – or love songs,” says Blechdom. The album was co-produced by the Berlin-Canadian musician Mocky, the strength in terms of focus has already demonstrated. First he brought the English singer and musician Jamie Lidell electronics to track its brilliant chaos of his live shows are not initially transferred into the studio was. Lidell Mocky produced albums “Multiply” and “Jim”, with remarkable success. Even Leslie Feist album “The Reminder” Mocky worked with, and that was at least nominated for a Grammy! 
But now: What did the Grammys with Kevin Blechdom shared artistic vision? “Mocky is a filter through which my ideas can be run. We both have very different approaches to music – he has the end in sight, while I’m rather obsessive and destructive act. If I devices from the balance, then he helps me while, to relax me, and outlines ways in which music in the balance. I have learned that it works as long as I keep the emotion and not from the structure Sedi leave, “says Kevin Blechdom. The result was at “Gentlemania not Popalbum in pure culture.” Gentlemania “will pop fremdelt and at the same time. And that’s good. Blechdom Although voice has never sounded so warm, the arrangements never been so sophisticated, you can cling to this music not. At the very sawed voice to the listening habits, too agitated and leaps and bounds is the performance. This is probably due to the fact that even Kevin Blechdom music as never uses the background sound, but always analytically mithört. sound of cafes is their law. Even it is the narrative element in the music become more important. “My own emotional state is no longer fascinated me so much. Now I begin, other facets of music more exercise. Man in a song can also play a role. And ultimately it is personal. “ 
Blechdom music is always hochvirtuos, or else feels the 30-year-old is not accepted as a composer: “Women always have their skills much more proof than men. If I as a composer wants to be perceived, then I make computer music, piano playing and simultaneously sing, dance and improvise! Whereas my male counterparts are entirely on one ability can concentrate. But that does not make me more ready! Meanwhile, I am confident enough and no one has something to prove. Ultimately it is my decision whether I composer am or not, “says Kevin Blechdom. 
A larger audience in Europe, Kevin Blechdom in another context aware, when she with her colleague, Blevin Blectum in a duo Blectum Blechdom from 2002 in the Austrian Linz Prix Ars Electronica in the category of Digital Music won. 
A fresh for electronic art music, the two musicians set in motion so. The belief in the anti-groove and to a deity named “Snaus” created the revered cult duo grenzdebile music itself a religion. And combined with complex electronic bird wild revue deposits.
“House de Snaus” and “The Messy Jessy Fiesta” were her duo album titled rich wordplay. What followed were a Zerwürfnis and two solo careers. Meanwhile, this is tolerated but again, the duo is once again united and the world will ensure timely by another duo album will be shaken. 
Blevin Blectum will – who could it verdenken – happy with Kevin confused. The two musicians could scarcely be more different. Blevins approach to music and performance is much more technical and less extroverted. Your concentration is devoted to the screen, while Kevin is rather in the beer puddle rolls. Recently, Blevin the album “Gular Flutter” was published, a synthetic vortex, in which meta-polyrhythmic boogie, granular, and ritualistic overtones rhythmics included. Blevin also knows how to get a bird in the catheter port. Really, because it is trained veterinary nurse. Specialization: birds. In her hometown of Providence, it operates even a small bird pension. Probably, under its official name Bevin Kelley, but surely you can never be in the “House of Snaus”. 
And the bus is rolling again, and the Blectums Blechdom go on tour together as part of “Slaughterin Slobbersville”. Behind this name is not some bloody horror film, but a theatrical musical revue. The idea was born when Kevin Blechdom with the costume designer and musician Irene Moon in the big brown bus tour through Florida: “We came before us, such as Thelma and Louise. And since the idea came to us, our roadshow, we should raise large, and on a continent, which is about music and artists Shear longer than in our home! It is a mutated form of a traveling circus. underlies Slaughterin Slobbersville ‘the vision of a genetic civil war in the 2024th Unlike the high-tech tools such as computers the costumes are extremely cheap and consist only of lost property. music and theater to connect is so exciting, and the cybernetic potential within the group is huge, no evening is like the others. “ 
Who here thinks the Merry Pranksters, once with a school bus by the U.S. gestreunt are located correctly. By logging in, the performance artist Mary Clare Brzytwa, Christopher Fleeger, Jason Trachtenberg Burg, Barbara Golden, Elizabeth King, Justice Yeldham, Hunt Nebraska, and a horse named Slimey. 
For years, Kevin has lived in Berlin Blechdom, meanwhile back in her hometown Tallahassee, Florida, from where they are in Oakland California to study moved. Coming soon is a further move to Los Angeles planned. 
“I hope for the future security that I get from my work to live and no jobs to do stupid. And I would like additional large-scale opera productions are on their feet.”